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The Pennyfoot Hotel & Other Mystery Series by Kate Kingsbury

If you're a fan of "Downton Abbey," you'll love the Pennyfoot Hotel series. The Pennyfoot hides many secrets and its downstairs staff keeps a tight lip, even when the Edwardian aristocrats are spotted dallying with damsels in the boudoirs, or gambling in the forbidden card rooms hidden below the floorboards. Should now and then one of the hotel guests fall prey to a dastardly murderer, however, it is up to Cecily Sinclair to restore order before Scotland Yard steps in and shuts down her infamous seaside hotel.

The last nine books are Christmas editions, and all twenty-one books in the series can be found on Amazon Kindle. If you'd like more thrills and suspense, check out the Manor House Mysteries and Kate's latest series, the Merry Ghost Inn Mysteries. They'll keep you guessing!

Pennyfoot Hotel Mystery Series

Many years ago I used to make and sell soft toys in bazaars. A special project of mine was a set of stuffed mice, which were all dressed in Edwardian clothes. Their legs were kind of spindly, and I couldn't get them to stand up, so I sewed a penny into each foot to balance them. I called them the Pennyfoot mice. Many of my characters in my books were inspired by those mice, so when it came time to name the hotel, what could be better than the Pennyfoot Hotel?

 Pennyfoot Mice

A Perilous Promise (Book 0)
A short prequel to the Pennyfoot Hotel Mystery series, you'll learn about the many secrets of the Pennyfoot hotel and its downstairs staff. You'll also learn how Cecily Sinclair first became the owner of the Pennyfoot, and her first encounters with her new manager, Baxter - who eventually would mean the world to her. See what led to her passion for solving crimes, and her devotion to the staff of the Pennyfoot Hotel.

A Perilous Promise
Room with a Clue

Room with a Clue (Book 1)

Set in a seaside hotel in Edwardian England, murder never needs a reservation at the Pennyfoot Hotel.

Watch Cecily solve her very first murder, when an aristocrat falls to her death from the Roof Garden. In this novel, you'll meet Gertie when she's still single and carefree, and learn how she discovers a very unusual guest at the hotel. You'll also find out what happens when Phoebe loses the python she'd planned to use in her presentation, setting off a hunt that involves the entire upstairs/downstairs occupants of the Pennyfoot Hotel!

Mulled Muder

Mulled Murder ( Book 21)

In Mulled Murder, Cecily and Baxter are brought back together again, and they are now closer than ever – working together to find a killer lurking in the secret tunnel under the Pennyfoot Hotel.

WWII Manor House Mystery Series

Much to my dismay, the publishers cancelled my Manor House Mystery series after I had written the ninth book. Since I am unable to write more of them, I have written a wrap-up of the characters' lives, which you can read below. My sincere thanks to all of you who wrote to say how disappointed you were with the ending. I wish I could have had the opportunity to end the series as I would have liked.

Manor House Mysteries Wrap-Up
"Elizabeth and Earl were married in a hasty ceremony at the Manor House. They leave for Wyoming, taking Martin and Violet with them, and live on a ranch where they raise horses and have three dogs, two cats, and a pet pig. Martin spends his days writing his memoirs, while Violet putters around the house and gets in everyone's way.

Sadie went back to London after Joe returned to the States. She married a butcher who ended up owning his own shop. Sadie helps him in the shop while taking care of their three children - a boy and two girls.

Manor House Mysteries Wrap-Up

Polly never saw Sam again. The soldier she'd written to in an earlier book came to visit her and it was love at first sight for both of them. They were married in Sitting Marsh, and moved to Yarmouth, a seaside resort town where they've opened up a guest house for summer visitors. Polly has four children - two boys and twin girls.

Her sister, Marlene, also moved to Yarmouth and opened up a beauty salon. She married a bank manager and they have one son. Their father returned from the war and works as a mechanic in an auto repair shop.

On an ending note, the three musketeers were Londoners who had been turned down by the military and were taking out their frustration and boredom on the Yanks. They were arrested while trying to blow up an ammunition warehouse."

The Merry Ghost Inn Mysteries

In the first book of Kate's new series, Melanie and her grandmother, Liza, open a B&B in a purportedly haunted mansion on the rocky Oregon coast. They stumble upon a skeleton while renovating - who turns out to be the wife of the previous owner of the house. No one in town seems to want to talk about it and things soon take a turn for the worst when a body is found stabbed to death on the beach below the inn. Especially since the victim chillingly resembles Melanie herself. Who is the killer, and why is there a laughing ghost haunting the inn? Find out when you read DEAD AND BREAKFAST.

In the second book, DOOM WITH A VIEW, Melanie discovers one of her guests lying dead in the driveway. Someone staying at the inn is responsible, and the intrepid sleuths must unmask the killer’s identity before more mayhem ensues.

BE OUR GHOST, the third book in the series, will be released in October 2018. Once more a killer strikes, and the victim is a prominent developer, intent on building an amusement arcade in the sleepy little seaside town. Some of the residents have much to lose, and someone apparently made sure the arcade never happens. Liza’s good friend is accused of the murder, and she and Melanie once more risk their lives to discover the real culprit.

Dead and Breakfast


Pennyfoot Mysteries

  • Room with a Clue
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Service for Two
  • Eat, Drink and Be Buried
  • Check-Out Time
  • Grounds for Murder
  • Pay the Piper
  • No Clue at the Inn
  • Chivalry is Dead
  • Ring for Tomb Service
  • Death with Reservations
  • Dying Room Only
  • Maid to Murder
  • Slay Bells
  • Shrouds of Holly
  • Ringing in Murder
  • Decked with Folly
  • Mistletoe and Mayhem
  • Herald of Death
  • The Clue is in the Pudding
  • Mulled Murder

The Manor House Mysteries

  • A Bicycle Built for Murder
  • Death is in the Air
  • For Whom Death Tolls
  • Dig Deep for Murder
  • Paint by Murder
  • Berried Alive
  • Fire When Ready
  • Wedding Rows
  • An Unmentionable Murder

The Merry Ghost Inn Mysteries

  • Dead and Breakfast
  • Doom with a View
  • Be Our Ghost

Releasing in the fall. Preorder now!