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Doreen Roberts Hight writes mysteries under the names Kate Kingsbury, Rebecca Kent, and Allison Kingsley and romances as Doreen Roberts.

After setting her mystery books in historical English villages for many years, she decided a change was in order. Her new series is set in the present day. The Merry Ghost Inn Mysteries - where murders abound at a bed and breakfast inn, features the beautiful Oregon coast.

The first book was released earlier this year. In Dead and Breakfast, you'll meet Melanie and her grandmother, Liza, the joint owners of the inn, and Max, the sheepdog, who helps the amateur sleuths in their hunt for justice. You'll also get to know some of the diverse residents of Sully's Landing, a beautiful little town on the picturesque and rocky coast of Oregon. Watch out for Orville, the resident ghost, who pops up now and then, and laughs in all the wrong places at all the wrong times.

The second book in the series, book, Doom with a View, will be released this fall. Melanie and Liza are eagerly awaiting your visit!

The Pennyfoot Hotel Room With A Clue Dead And Breakfast Doom with a View A Bicycle Built For Murder

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Praise for Dead and Breakfast:

"[An] enjoyable series launch from Kingsbury."
- Publishers Weekly

"Lighthearted and charming...Who wouldn't want to open a B&B on the Oregon coast after reading Kingsbury's delightful mystery?"
-Library Journal

"The prolific Kingsbury launches a new series with likable characters and a beautiful setting.\"
- Kirkus Reviews

"Kingsbury's crime-solving pair are wonderfully appealing, whether they are ferreting out the town's secrets or dealing with the grief in their own lives. Fans of M.C. Beaton's Agatha Raisin series will find lots of similarities here."
- Booklist

"This is one of those rare cozies that do justice and pride to that awesome Murder She Wrote type of perfection.\"
- Suspense Magazine

About Doreen Roberts Hight

Doreen was born in London and grew up during the Blitz of WWII. While huddling in bomb shelters with her classmates, she told stories to keep their minds off the chaos going around them.

After the war she moved to the U.S. and many years later she read an article in a magazine about the authors who wrote romances, and decided to try her hand at it. She signed up for a writer's conference and met an editor who seemed interested in the book Doreen was working on. It was published a few months later! It's been 30 more years and she still loves to tell stories. So, if you're awaiting excitement, romance and adventure, you'll find it all in her books.

As well as romances, Doreen has written several mystery series, including the Pennyfoot Hotel Mysteries, set in England at the turn of the twentieth century; the Manor House Mysteries, which takes place in an English village during WWII; the Bellehaven House Mysteries featuring a finishing school in Edwardian England, and the Raven's Nest Bookstore Mysteries. The Merry Ghost Inn Mysteries, her latest series, is set in present day Oregon.

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As always, I wish you all health, happiness, and contentment. I write for you, my readers, and your Emails are a constant delight. My deepest thanks to all who have written to tell me how much you enjoy my books.

Earlier this year I released a short prequel to the Pennyfoot series. In the short story, A Perilous Promise, you will learn how it all began - how Cecily became the owner of the hotel, what triggered her passion for solving crimes and her first reactions upon meeting Hugh Baxter, the man who would eventually mean the world to her. Find it on Amazon!

The Pennyfoot Christmas books became a tradition for so many of you, and I'm truly grateful for your continuing support.

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